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The Reel 


M. Bulgakov



Russian Masters Theater Projects
1322 1/2 N.Las Palmas Ave.
Los Angeles , CA   90028

(323) 202-0611

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"The Master Project"  is dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of Kaisyn Kuliev, the great Balkaro-Russian poet, writer and humanitarian

             Actor-director-producer Alim Kouliev gathered a group of talented actors enamored with Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita ” and presented them with “The Master Project” – his own stage adaptation of the novel. "The Project" has been the realization of Kuliev’s long cherished artistic dream, the product of his creative vision and relentless efforts.   That night, at the presentation, everyone embraced the idea of this unique experience and agreed to share it with the director. Shortly after, the casting and pre-production process began.  

         At the present time “The Master Project” is growing and progressing at full speed, along with regular rehearsals and  choreography sessions. The stage and lighting design and costume creation are also well underway. "The Project" keeps attracting more and more talented artists who are continually inspired and fascinated by this idea. 

The Director and his production team believe that the project will make an important contribution in the cultural life of Los Angeles.

The play is scheduled to premiere at  Wilshire Ebell Theater.